Kits from Realitastic are unfinished, untrimmed, unsanded, uneverything.  These kits are straight from the printer or etcher and placed straight  into the handy dandy ziplock bag(s).  Some of the kits will have “suggested” directions while others, depending on the intuitiveness of the prop, might not have directions at all.  Kits do not include paints, glues, fillers, stickers, or adhesives.  You are left to your own devices on how you desire your kit to appear upon completion.

For ideas on how your new kit can look?  Head over to this absolutely, 100%, non-affiliated website for assistance – The Replica Prop Forum.  The people on this site are fantastic at helping with ideas and solving problems.

Other ideas can be found on Reddit.  Reddit has a huge community of prop makers for cosplay and tabletop gaming

Lastly, questions and answers can always be left in the forums here.

Disclaimer:  The word “prop” is used for any items that might be used for cosplay, game play, or collecting.