These are the current services that I offer.

  • Small 3D printing – 8.5″ height x 5″ width x 5.5″ length  ( 215.9mm x 127mm x 139.7mm)
    • $0.50/hr print time.
    • All printed objects will be delivered with no clean up.
    • Clean-up services will be priced per object.
      • The services will include sanding starting with heavy grit paper to fine grit, filler, and priming.
  •  Laser Etching and Cutting
    •   Etching $1 per square inch
    •   Acrylic Cutting $0.15 per square inch

These services will be coming soon.

  • Chainmaille
    • Priced per item – request a quote
  • Leather
    • Priced per item – request a quote